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Desaware Press Release

Desaware, Inc. ships StorageTools™ version 3.0 with Support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Campbell, CA - March 2002 -- Desaware today announced shipment of version 3.0 of StorageTools, a component and set of .NET and ActiveX controls that allow programmers to easily take advantage of the full power of OLE Structured Storage and the Registration Database.

OLE Structured storage is a technology built into every Microsoft Windows â system that allows programmers to utilize complex file formats. Any file can be divided into multiple streams in a hierarchical structure, essentially allowing programmers to create complex file systems within a single file. StorageTools allows Visual Studio programmers to use all of the capabilities provided by OLE Structured storage. This makes it easy for Visual Studio programmers to implement private file formats that include such features as transactioning and incremental saves. In many cases, StorageTools will eliminate the need to use a full database system with all of its inherent overhead. StorageTools manages all memory allocation and deallocation, making use of OLE Structured storage safe and reliable.

The latest features include:
  • Support of Visual Studio .NET and explanatory sample code.
  • New methods for reading and writing variants (VariantPutEx and VariantGetExample) holding data larger than MAX_INT number of bytes (32000 bytes).
  • New method (IStreamToDStream) for converting a pointer to an instance of an OLE IStream interface into a dStorage object

StorageTools also includes an OLE control that provides easy access to the registration database. In place of complex API function calls or the limited registration database access provided by Visual Studio, StorageTools allows programmers to access the registration database as if it were a group of files and directories. It provides an interface of commands that are extremely similar to familiar file access commands, thus eliminating the need for complex string manipulation and minimizing the time it takes to learn to use the registration database effectively.

A complete listing of the features of this product in addition to demonstration software and other technical information is available at

About Desaware, Inc.

Conceived by best selling author Daniel Appleman in 1991, Desaware Inc. is one of the original component vendors developing third party products for Microsoft Visual Studio. In addition to StorageTools described above, Desaware is the developer of several other award winning entries in the component marketplace including the Desaware Licensing System, SpyWorks Professional, CAS/Tester, NT Service Toolkit for .NET, NT Service Toolkit COM edition, StateCoder, VersionStamper, the Event Log Toolkit, and the ActiveX Gallimaufry.

Demo software and other technical information regarding these products can be found on the company website:

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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