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Desaware Press Release

Desaware, Inc. ships VersionStamper™ version 6.5with new Custom Messaging and Conflict Wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 TM and other ActiveX containers.

Campbell, CA - January 2001 -- Desaware today announced shipment of version 6.5 of VersionStamper™, a distribution toolkit that allows safe distribution of component based applications created with development tools that support the full Microsoft™ Active Platform including Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0™.

The latest features include:
  • New VersionStamper Script Command to support the display of custom messages for file conflicts.
  • New Features in the VersionStamper Conflict Wizard which includes support for scanning Wise Installation script files or InstallShield Installation script files to generate a list of files for verification.
  • New VersionStamper Library Class Component which uses the SpyWorks WinSock component to handle internet functions instead of the limited VersionStamper edition.

VersionStamper allows programmers to specify precisely which DLLs, ActiveX controls, VBXs, and other files are required by a program, and what range of version numbers for those files must be present. This information is stored in the executable, in an external file, or on a web site. At run-time, VersionStamper can automatically verify the presence and versions of the files required for the program to run.

VersionStamper solves one of the most time consuming and expensive problems relating to the distribution and support of component based applications for both general distribution and in-house corporate use. VersionStamper facilitates automatic updating of corporate internet/intranet sites while leveraging a corporation's existing client/server technology investments.

A complete listing of the features of this product in addition to demonstration software and other technical information is available at

About Desaware, Inc.

Conceived by best selling author Daniel Appleman in 1991, Desaware Inc. is one of the original component vendors developing third party products for Microsoft Visual Studio. In addition to VersionStamper described above, Desaware is the developer of several other award winning entries in the component marketplace including the Desaware Licensing System, SpyWorks Professional, CAS/Tester, NT Service Toolkit for .NET, NT Service Toolkit COM edition, StateCoder, StorageTools, the Event Log Toolkit, and the ActiveX Gallimaufry.

Demo software and other technical information regarding these products can be found on the company website:

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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