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Product Review: Desaware NT Service Toolkit 1.1

The Wagner Blog, June 14, 2003
by Thomas Wagner

Article Excerpt:
"I can't begin to imagine the number of uses a product like the "NT Service Toolkit" could have in the hands of some creative developers . The server to server functionality I've mentioned in the beginning of this review is typical of a lot of projects that are coming up at the moment. Businesses need to have machines communicate with one another and execute processes independently. The "NT Service Toolkit" is one weapon in your arsenal that would allow you to accommodate such needs with a kind of finesse that makes you stand out as a developer. So go ahead and check it out! And when you write something that blows your bosses socks off, don't forget to send a little thank you e-mail to Daniel Appleman at Desaware Inc., without whom it may have been a whole lot harder to accomplish the same goal"

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