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Desaware Universal.NET StateCoder
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Experienced software developers know that one of the most effective architectures for many types of applications is a finite state machine.

A state machine design will result in code that is more reliable, easier to support, uses fewer system resources, and is virtually immune to subtle multithreading synchronization problems - the kind that can be incredibly expensive to find and fix.

StateCoder is a .NET namespace that is designed to make it easy to create and support powerful State Machines in .NET using Visual Basic .NET, C# and other .NET Languages. Even developers who are unfamiliar with state machines will benefit from this unique framework - we'll show you how.

Those familiar with state machines will appreciate the advanced thread management that allows a few threads to support large numbers of clients. And like all of the Universal.NET package - you not only get this advanced functionality, you get the source code to see how it's done.

Learn more about StateCoder Features Here.

Since I have used state machines for years as a tool for simplifying implementation of complex programs, StateCoder was a natural fit into our development environment.
We have certainly made great use of StateCoder in developing some kick-butt, fire-breathing DotNET services!
StateCoder permitted us to exploit multi-tasking without hassling with marshalling between threads.  But most importantly, it permitted implementers to focus on each discreet task and optimize it without impact on other tasks.  Design to implementation is now a pleasure, not drudgery.
Thanks for developing StateCoder.  I hope it gains the notoriety it deserves.
Regards, David Romig

Buy StateCoder as part of Desaware's .NET Universal Bundle for $649 or Buy COM AND .NET Universal packages for $995 .

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