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Desaware Universal COMSpyWorks
[Source code included]

Get Both!
Universal .NET & COM
Only $995 with source

Version 8.0

You've hit the wall in VB6.

Perhaps you need to.

  • Intercept messages in your own or another application to detect when it closes or activates, or to effectively create an add-in to that other application.
  • Create a background thread in an ActiveX DLL
  • Intercept keystrokes to add "hotkey" support to an application.
  • Use an interface that VB6 doesn't support to perform a task described in MSDN (in C++, of course).
  • Build a control panel applet, or export a function, or call an API function indirectly. or any of a dozen other things.

SpyWorks will earn you a reputation as a magician. Make sure the manual is not on your bookshelf when the client walks in.

Richard C.
Sr. Software Developer
Manassas, VA

You can bring in a C++ programmer to write a solution, which will take days, weeks or longer - and cost. well, you know what that kind of low level development costs.

Or you can do it in minutes, yourself, with VB6 and a handful of SpyWorks components.

That's SpyWorks

Be the hero.

SpyWorks is part of the Universal COM package - and for the first time, you get the source code to see how it's done.

Learn more about SpyWorks

You can also read the support FAQ here.

Buy Desaware's SpyWorks as Part of the COM Universal bundle for $649 or Buy COM AND .NET Universal packages for $995 .

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