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Visual Basic .NET or C#: Which to Choose
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Note: This page describes a product or book that, while still relevant to .NET programmers, is based on an earlier version of the .NET framework. The page is available for archival purposes and as a courtesy to those who have linked to it, but is no longer being updated or maintained.

VS2005 edition Buy Nowamazon

VS2003 edition Buy Nowamazon

Visual Basic .NET or C#: Which to Choose (VS2005 and VS2003 editions)
$9.95 [eBook]



Note: This book has not been updated for VS2008 and VS2010. As interesting as the exercise was, the bottom line is that on the .NET framework language choice just doesn't matter in most cases.

Book Cover
Finally, the answers to the VB .NET vs. C# Debate.

Which language should you choose when migrating to Microsoft's new .NET platform? On one hand you have Visual Basic.NET, a successor to Visual Basic that has been redesigned from the ground up to work seamlessly with .NET. On the other hand you have C#, a relatively new language that everyone knows is intended to compete with Java, even though nobody at Microsoft would ever say so. Which of these two languages should you choose for your .NET development?

In these E-books by best-selling author Dan Appleman, you will find an in-depth comparison of the two languages. In a feature by feature, head to head contest, Appleman pulls no punches in calling the winner in each case.

But the technical comparison is only the beginning. With a keen eye to the business issues involved in language choice, the author focuses on the economic issues involved in this decision, considering the cost of retraining and long term support as well as that of initial development.

By considering not only technical and economic issues, but also social and psychological issues, the author provides the kind of practical real-world information that is almost impossible to find in an industry dominated by conflicting interests and marketing hype.

Available in editions for Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.
Updated for the final release of VS 2005

Published by Dan Appleman, $9.95
Some developers have asked if the author actually answers the question of which to choose. The answer: Yes - he does.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction.
  • Let the Comparison Begin - A technical comparison of the languages.
  • Beyond Syntax - A review of issues that are not purely language issues.
  • Summary of Results.
  • Which Language Should you Choose? - Yes, there really is an answer to the question.
  • Conclusion.


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