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Note: This page describes a product or book that, while still relevant to .NET programmers, is based on an earlier version of the .NET framework. The page is available for archival purposes and as a courtesy to those who have linked to it, but is no longer being updated or maintained.
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Hijacking .NET (series)
$9.95 each [eBook]


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Tap into the hidden power of the .NET framework

Hijacking .NET is today's equivalent of using undocumented Windows API functions. Except that not only are the functions under discussion undocumented, they are actually private - functions internal to the .NET framework that were never intended to be used from outside.

In this new eBook series, Dan Appleman will teach you how to find these hidden functions, how to use disassembly and common sense to figure out what they do, and how to implement code that uses them (along with a straightforward explanation of the relative risks of doing so).

Volume 1: Role Based Security

In this first volume, you'll learn a few lines of .NET code can allow you to determine which roles (groups) an account belongs to. You'll learn how to extend a couple of .NET classes using hidden method calls and a few API calls to allow you to easily set the account and group security for a file or directory.

Volume 2: Protecting your code

In this volume, you'll learn about the security implications of using reflection to access private members in an assembly, and about the design patterns and specific methods you can use to prevent others from using these techniques on your assemblies.


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