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Note: This page describes a product or book that, while still relevant to .NET programmers, is based on an earlier version of the .NET framework. The page is available for archival purposes and as a courtesy to those who have linked to it, but is no longer being updated or maintained.
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Exploring .NET (series)
$7.49 each [eBook]


Book Cover
A "best of" collection of Dan's published articles

In this series of eBooks, Dan Appleman offers collections of shorter articles on a variety of .NET topics. Though many were previously published, all have been updated and in many cases expanded for this collection. Most of the articles include both VB.Net and C# sample code.

Volume 1 Table of Contents

  • Control arrays in .NET. Missing your VB6 control arrays? Here is the next best thing - or is it even better?
  • Streams of Cryptonite - Learn how calendars in .NET can make it easy to localize your applications.
  • What Day is it? - Learn about calendars and localization.
  • Option Slow On - You probably know that VB.NET's Option Strict can make your code more reliable, but did you know it can make it faster?
  • String me along - A hardcore look at the inside of .NET strings, how to reference their internal memory - and how not to.
  • Attributes Revisited - Have you ever felt that custom attributes are really important, but can't quite tell why? Here's an example that might surprise you.
  • I shot an arrow into the air - Intercepting keystrokes in .NET need not be a mystery, but that doesn't mean an article on the subject can't be written like one.

Volume 2 "VB Magic" Table of Contents

  • How Big is a Boolean - Migration from VB6 to VB .NET has subtle issues, sometimes even primitive data types aren't what they seem.
  • Speed Tests - Comparing performance of VB .NET and C# is sometimes like comparing apples and oranges - and sometimes it isn't.
  • Late Bound Events - Detecting events raised from dynamically loaded objects is easy - once you know how.
  • Hidden Treasures Part I and II - Just because VB .NET and C# can both access the full power of the .NET runtime doesn't mean you're limited to the .NET runtime. VB .NET has all sorts of extra goodies that can make your life easier.

Sample Code

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