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Note: This page describes a legacy product or book. The page is available for archival purposes and as a courtesy to those who have linked to it, but is no longer being updated or maintained.

Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to the Win32 API
$47.99 [Print]

Table of Contents

Book Cover
The classic guide to Win32 API programming from VB6

Part I: The Windows API

1. DLL's and API's

  • Moving from DOS to Windows
  • Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL's)
  • Application Programmer's Interfaces (API's)
  • The Different Flavors of Windows
  • A Universe of extension libraries.
  • The Different Flavors of Visual Basic (VBA)

2. Getting a Handle on Windows

  • Relating Visual Basic to Windows
  • Inside Windows
  • Graphic Output in Windows
  • A Handle for Every Object
  • The Next Step

3. The Visual Basic - Windows Interface

  • The Declare Statement
  • Unicode, ANSI and Aliases
  • DLL Parameters
  • How API/DLL Calls Work

4. Real World API Programming

  • Programming Techniques
  • Translating API Documentation to Visual Basic (Part 1 - Functions)
  • Writing programs for 16 & 32 bit platforms.
  • Porting existing 16 bit code
  • Translating API Documentation to Visual Basic (Part 2 - Files & Structures)
  • Debugging API code
  • 10 Commandments for API Programming (revised)

Part II: Windows API Functions

5. Windows Control and Information Functions

  • Rectangle and Point Functions
  • Window Control and Information Functions
  • Window Style Reference
  • Function Reference

6. Hardware and System Functions

  • Mouse, Cursor and Caret Functions
  • Keyboard and other Input Functions
  • Time Functions
  • System Information and Control Functions
  • The SysInfo Example
  • Simulating Keystrokes and Mouse Events
  • Function Reference

7. Device Contexts

  • Introduction to Device Contexts
  • Device Context Information Functions
  • Scaling and Coordinate Systems
  • Clipping, Regions and Other Device Context Functions
  • Function Reference

8. Drawing Functions

  • Overview of Graphic Output
  • GDI Drawing Objects
  • Drawing Attributes
  • Drawing Functions
  • Paths
  • Bringing it all together: Learning through examples.
  • Metafiles
  • Bringing it all together II: Additional examples.
  • Function Reference

9. Bitmaps , Icons and Raster Operations

  • Bitmaps
  • Device Dependent Bitmaps
  • Device Independent Bitmaps
  • Icons and Cursors
  • Raster Operations
  • Examples
  • Function Reference

10. Working with Menus

  • Inside the menuing System
  • Using the Menu API Functions with VB
  • Examples
  • Function Reference

11. Text and Fonts

  • Using Fonts
  • Drawing Text
  • Examples
  • Function Reference

12. Printing

  • Printing in Windows
  • Printing and Visual Basic
  • Printer Settings and the DEVMODE Structure
  • Controlling the Print Spooler
  • Examples
  • Functions Reference

13. File Functions

  • Initialization Files
  • The System Registry
  • File and Directory Operations
  • File Mappings (Is it file, or is it memory?)
  • VersionStamping
  • Examples
  • Function Reference

14. Processes and Threads

  • Processes, Threads and Instances
  • System and Synchronization Objects
  • Launching Applications
  • InterProcess Communication
  • Function Reference

15. Strings, Structures , Memory and Resources Management

  • Memory and Strings
  • The Visual Basic - Windows Interface: The hardcore version
  • Resources
  • Atoms and Properties
  • Function Reference

Part III: Windows Messages

 16. General Windows Messages

  • Message Handling
  • Messages That are Useful with Visual Basic
  • Message Reference

17. Edit Control Messages

  • The Text Control
  • Notification Messages
  • Edit Control Messages

18. Listbox and Combobox Messages

  • The List Control
  • The Combo Box Control
  • Button Controls
  • Notification Messages
  • Edit Control Messages
  • Combo Box Messages
  • List Box Control Messages
  • Button Control Messages

Part IV: Real World API Programming Revisited

 19. Using API Calls From VB: A Tradeoff in Software Design

  • Using the Windows API To Improve Performance
  • Power versus Safety when using the Windows API
  • Design Choices
  • Learning through Experimentation

20. Building an API Class Library

  • Class Library Implementation
  • Using The Class Library

Bonus Chapters (CD-ROM only)

Chapter 21 Serial Communications

Chapter 22 Network API Functions

Chapter 23 Building an API Type Library


  • A - Using APIGID32.DLL, DWCBK32D.OCX and DWSBC32D.OCX.
  • B - Windows Data Structures (CD-ROM)
  • C - Windows File Formats
  • D - Visual Basic to DLL Calling Conventions: A Technical Review
  • E - Raster Operation Table (CD-ROM)

CD-ROM includes the following:

  • All sample code shown in the book, plus additional samples not included in the text. Most samples are provided in both VB4 and VB5 versions.
  • Bonus chapters 21-23 .
  • A full text searchable electronic edition of the book.
  • Back issues of the Desaware Visual Basic Bulletin
  • Past articles by the author from Pinnacle's Visual Basic Developer newsletter and the Visual Basic Programmer's Journal.
  • The Desaware API Toolkit including an API database and add-in program
  • The Desaware API Class Library.
  • Desaware's online catalog including demonstration controls and programs.
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