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Note: This page describes a legacy product or book. The page is available for archival purposes and as a courtesy to those who have linked to it, but is no longer being updated or maintained.
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NT Security Programming with Visual Basic 6
$ 19.95 [eBook]


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For API Based Security Programming from VB6


NT Security is a subject that is intimidating, to say the least. But if you dig past the confusing acronyms, you'll find that it's actually very easy to understand. This article, based on the author's well received talks at VSLive, will help you get started on the right foot with NT security, and give you the foundation of knowledge you'll need to understand even the most obscure security concepts. It will

also introduce you to techniques for adding security based features to your applications (with an emphasis on Visual Basic 6 applications). You'll learn:

  • How to log in and impersonate users in your application.
  • How to set the security for objects such as files.
  • How to test if operations are permitted based on NT security accounts.
  • How to implement private security in which access to your own internal objects is secured using NT/2000 security.
  • Learn how to enable or disable functionality based on security settings.

Table of Contents

  • A Question of Security - All NT Security ultimately comes down to the one question asked here.
  • Security Programming Concepts - Learn how security data objects and structures are organized and applied.
  • Security Programming Application and Practice - Learn to incorporate security programming into your VB application.
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices
Sample Code

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