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Note: This page describes a legacy product or book. The page is available for archival purposes and as a courtesy to those who have linked to it, but is no longer being updated or maintained.
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Developing COM/ActiveX Components with VB6: A Guide to the Perplexed
$19.95 [eBook]


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Book Cover
Learn to create any type of component in VB6

Part I - Core Technologies

1. ActiveX Myths

  • ActiveX is only important for Internet programming and web sites.
  • ActiveX is only for advanced VB programmers.
  • ActiveX is only important if you are creating servers or controls.

2. ActiveX - A historical (but technical) perspective

  • From DDE to OLE 1.0 - Who cares anymore?
  • The Road to ActiveX
  • ActiveX - Is it technology or is it marketing?

3. Objects and Visual Basic

  • The Theory of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Objectless Programming
  • Once Again, with Objects
  • The Theory of Object Oriented Programming Revisited.

4. The Component Object Model: Interfaces, Automation and Binding

  • Characteristics of COM Objects
  • The Sunday COMics
  • Automation (Dispatch) Interfaces and Binding

5. Aggregation and Polymorphism

  • Back To Binding
  • An Object As Object
  • Aggregation
  • An Object Implements.

6. The Life and Times of an ActiveX Component

  • Objects: Are They Real or Are They Memory?
  • Process Spaces: The Final Frontier
  • Object Life Cycles - DLL, EXE and Remote Objects
  • Object and interface identification.
  • Where objects live.

7. ActiveX Components - What's in a name?

  • Classes
  • ActiveX DLL's (Code Components) (in process)
  • ActiveX Servers (out of process)
  • ActiveX Controls
  • ActiveX Documents (doc objects)
  • IIS Applications

Part II - Code Components

8. The Project

  • Project overview: Project/Classes/Modules/Forms
  • Designing the Object Model
  • Instancing
  • Project Properties

9. Creating and testing components.

  • Quick look at the UI
  • Creating and Testing ActiveX Components
  • Referencing and reference order
  • Error Handling

10. Code & Classes - Beyond the Manuals.

  • Methods and Properties
  • Procedure Attributes
  • Object Procedures: Public, Private and Friend.
  • Selected Topics

11. Events

  • A Method by Any Other name
  • Back to COM
  • Combining OLE Callbacks and OLE Events
  • Control Events

12. Collecting Objects

  • Characteristics of Collections and Dictionaries
  • The Three Four Approaches to Exposing Collections

13. Object Lifetime

  • Referencing
  • Circular References
  • Selected Topics
  • MTS Object Lifetime

14. Multithreading

  • On Threads and Processes
  • Multithreaded Components
  • Testing and Debugging Multithreaded Components
  • Multithreading Examples
  • Background Operations Revisited

15. Bringing it all together: The StockQuote server

  • Top Down Design
  • Implementation

Part III - ActiveX Controls

16. ActiveX Control Fundementals

  • Things that every programmer should know about ActiveX Controls before they write a single line of code.
  • Design time vs. Runtime vs. Design time vs. Runtime
  • The Three Four Models for Control Creation

17. The UserControl Object

  • LifeTime Related Events
  • Introduction to Property Persistance
  • Siting and Display Events and Properties
  • Focus Events and Properties
  • Transparent Controls
  • Other Properties and Methods

18. The Extender and Ambient Objects

  • The Extender object
  • Ambient Properties

19. The Wonderful World of Properties

  • Property types
  • Property Procedures
  • Control Procedure Attributes
  • Custom Objects
  • Persistance
  • Databinding

20. Property Pages and others.

  • Property Page Fundementals
  • Property Page Techniques
  • About Boxes

21. ActiveX controls for the Internet

  • The hyperlink object
  • ActiveX controls on web pages
  • Downloading, Security and Signing
  • The dwBanner control

22. Advanced Techniques

  • Visual Basic vs. Visual C++
  • Overview of Windows Messaging
  • Messaging Examples
  • A Tale of Four ListBoxes

Part IV - ActiveX Documents

23. ActiveX Document Fundementals

  • What is an ActiveX Document?
  • ActiveX Document Programming
  • The UserDocument Object

24. Active Documents and the Internet

  • The Realty ActiveX Document
  • ActiveX documents and HTML

Part V - Selected Topics

25. Versioning

  • Version Resources
  • Version Compatibility

26. Licensing and Distribution

  • The Purpose of Licensing
  • ActiveX Control Licensing
  • Alternative Licensing Approaches

27. IIS Applications

  • Dynamic HTML
  • Active Server Pages
  • Introducing Webclasses - Another Point of View

28. A Matter of State

  • Understanding State
  • Exploring State in IIS Applications
  • Closing Note
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