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The Desaware Licensing System

Seamless Integration
Adaptable Security
Rich Feature Set
Prepackaged and Custom Scenarios
New for Version 2.0

Developers: Dial up your perfect licensing scenario

Define your user experience:

Licensing is one of the first things your customer
experiences. Should their experience be defined by
our system, or seamlessly integrated into your
software? It’s up to you.

Our web-service based system is easy to
integrate into your existing systems, or
any external CRM, Ecommerce or
other software system.

Adjust your security level:

Learn how passive activation can provide excellent
security without annoying users – by letting
human nature work for you instead of against you.

Or implement a more traditional
activation scheme.

We let you set your own balance
of security vs. convenience.

Customize your feature set:

Built-in features like demos, subscription, module licensing
and so on are fine. But if we’ve learned one thing over the
years – you can’t anticipate every need, and trying to
do so leads to a system that is overly complex and
potentially vulnerable.

Our new extensibility API allows you to
quickly implement the features that you
need, without compromising the stability
and security of the overall system.

Define your scenario :

Whether your licensing needs are simple, or you have a
complex scenario in mind, our infrastructure can almost
certainly be extended to handle it.

Implement one of our standard
scenarios, or define your own
the Desaware Licensing System is
a foundation you can rely on.

Find out why we call it
Total Control Licensing

Choose your favorite version 2 feature :

Do you want to define features? Modules? Unlock modules using passwords? Our new metadata system allows you to specify
any number of variables of almost any data type (including
those you define).

Do you want to license by machine?
User? Domain? Cheap dongle?
You name it, we'll license it.

The version 2.0 extensibility model lets
you add features without touching
the core licensing code.

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