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User Groups

Desaware is committed to assisting Visual Studio User Groups

We periodically (every 1-2 months) send a technical newsletter containing product notes, development status and a tip or technique relevant to our software. We will also send copies of press releases of new product announcements. Your group or individual members can sign up by sending a request to . Please note that it is Desaware policy not to sell, trade or share email addresses.

Product Sponsorships

We generally provide free copies of our products to any user group member who is willing to present a short review of the product at a user group meeting. We also provide software or other goodies as ?prizes? for those meetings on request.

To participate, we ask that your group be registered with either Microsoft MSDN User Groups or the International .NET Association (INETA) . Please send the following information to

  • Your group name
  • A web site address for your group.
  • Contact information including:
    Contact's Name
    Address (street address for delivery of materials)
    Telephone Number
    Email Address
  • What is the primary focus of your group? (VB .NET, C#, advanced, novice, etc.)
  • One or two dates for consideration.
    We will confirm (within 2-3 business days) the date for which we will provide materials. Please give us at least two weeks notice when requesting materials.
  • The name of the product(s) being requested.
  • The number of people expected at your event.

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