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NT Service Toolkit Support

Frequently Asked Questions - Installation

  1. How do I retrieve the latest NT Service Toolkit files?
  2. The Demo has expired, how do I get a newer demo?

1. How do I retrieve the latest NT Service Toolkit files? I tried running the AutoUpdate utility but it does not handle proxy servers.

You can download a new NT Service Toolkit AutoUpdate utility for the Full release of the NT Service Toolkit version 1.0 and later that supports proxy servers at:

The new AutoUpdate supports Proxy Servers, file backups, and provides custom information on file updates. Unzip the zip file and run the installation to install the new AutoUpdate utility. Select the root directory of your NT Service Toolkit to install the AutoUpdate installation to.

You can also contact Desaware and we can email you the latest files.

2. When I try to install or run the sample Service EXE, I get a message "The demonstration version of the Desaware NT Service Toolkit has expired. Please download the current version from".

The demonstration version of the NT Service Toolkit is usually time bombed for about 90 days. You can download a newer demo from

Or, you can update just the easyserv.exe file from the same ftp location:

and replace your current easyserv.exe (located in your System32 folder).


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