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Desaware Press Release

Desaware, Inc. Announces the Shipment of OneTimeDownload-5M for Microsoft ASP. NET

Campbell, CA - October 2003 -- Desaware has released its OneTimeDownload-5M, the second ASP.NET offering of its 5 Minute Software product line ( OneTimeDownload-5M is a component that allocates, implements and manages temporary links. These are URL's that are active for a limited amount of time, and are often uniquely associated with individual users.

As an example, Desaware utilized OneTimeDownload-5M to automate a 'Free Ebook' promotion used during Microsoft TechEd in Dallas, TX of this year. Participants were sent an email with a list of Dan Appleman's ebooks. The participant then clicked on the name of the selected ebook. The link allowed the participant to download the ebook. Once one book was selected, the other links were automatically invalidated. Participants were also informed that the ebook must be selected within seven days or the link would expire.

Typical scenarios for this type of link include:

  • Implementing special offers or discounts - where each customer receives a unique link that expires after a set time.
  • Software or document distribution - where a link expires after a set time, or a limited time after first use.
  • Choose one file or document - where a group of links are provided, and all others become invalid once one is selected.
  • Email campaign tracking - where each Email has a unique link, making it easy to track responses to specific outgoing messages.

Features include:

  • Create unlimited unique links, each with a specified expiration date.
  • Specify time a link remains active after first use.
  • Links are associated with a URL, file path, and optional description or user defined data. · Links can be grouped. Use of one link invalidates the others in the group.
  • Highly secure. 128 bit link identifiers virtually eliminate the possibility of guessing a link.
  • Specify IP limits to increase security. Once a link is used by the specified number of IP addresses, only those IP addresses can continue to access it.
  • Document/file download links. Supports direct download for common file types.

As with all the tools in Desaware's Five Minute Software line, the focus of OneTimeDownload-5M is ease of use, simplicity and reliability. It is designed with smart defaults so it can be used after the setting of no more than one or two properties. Each software product is designed to provide a complete solution to a particular task. Instead of trying to fill every possible need, OneTime-Download-5M components provide a quick, easy deployment solution for common problems.

About Five Minute Software by Desaware.

Conceived by best selling author Daniel Appleman in 1991, Desaware Inc. is one of the original component vendors developing third party products for Microsoft Visual Studio. Desaware is the developer of several other award winning entries in the component marketplace including CAS/Tester (Code Access Security Tester), Desaware Licensing System, SpyWorks (Professional Edition), NT Service Toolkit for .NET, NT Service Toolkit COM edition, StateCoder, VersionStamper, StorageTools, the Event Log Toolkit, and the ActiveX Gallimaufry.

The Five Minute Software product line was introduced by Desaware, Inc. in 2003 to address the growing complexity of the component market. Instead Five Minute Software components each address one specific solution, thus the company motto: "Learn, build, deploy in approximately five minutes.".

Demo software and other technical information regarding these products can be found on the company website:

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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