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Desaware Press Release

Five Minute Software - A new line of tools and components from Desaware Inc. for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Campbell, CA - June 2003 -- Desaware is pleased to announce "Five Minute Software" a new line of software tools and components that developers can master, implement, and deploy - in approximately 5 minutes.

Most software tools and components, including those traditionally developed by Desaware, tend to be powerful, feature rich, and designed to meet the needs of many developers. But with features comes complexity, and most software components today take significant time to learn and to use.

The tools in Desaware's Five Minute Software line take a radically different approach. The focus with these components is on ease of use, simplicity and reliability. They are designed with smart defaults so they can be used after the setting of no more than one or two properties. Each method is designed to provide a complete solution to a particular task. Instead of trying to fill every possible need, these components provide a quick, easy deployment solution for common tasks.

As a result, Five Minute Software components and tools are easy to learn, easy to use, and trivial to deploy. Documentation is in the form of straightforward "How To" instructions, followed by a reference section that describes the full capabilities of the product.

Five Minute Software components and tools are offered with two licenses. A standard license is a low cost per developer or per machine license (depending upon whether it is a re-distributable component, a tool, or a service). A higher priced site/source license allows the use of the product at one location and includes source code thereby allowing for total customization by developers.

The first two products in the Five Minute Software line are InstallationHelper-5M and INITools-5M.

InstallationHelper-5M is designed to help developers deploy Web applications, Web services and other applications using the Windows Installer Visual Studio .NET deployment projects.

Visual Studio .NET allows developers to define custom tools to modify or extend the installation of a product. InstallationHelper-5M can be used with these custom tools to perform several tasks that are normally very difficult including:

  • Creating SQL databases
  • Creating Access databases, and configuring them for use from ASP.NET
  • Modifying the web or application configuration file during installation
  • Modifying the configuration of the Web application
  • Setting IP filters for the Web application
  • Creating subdirectories that can be fully accessed under ASP.NET

InstallationHelper-5M includes an optional user interface to allow users to select or create a database for use by the application during the installation process. Each of these tasks can be incorporated into an installation in a matter of moments. InstallationHelper-5M provides the features needed to create professional installations of Web applications and Web services.

Pricing: $99/developer seat. $499 for site/source license. Royalty free distribution is included as part of an installation.

INITools-5M provides Initialization (.ini) file access to .NET Framework-based applications and components without requiring the use of Win32 API functions.

While XML has received a great deal of publicity and interest, it suffers from one significant flaw - it is impossible for casual users to safely edit using a text editor.

In many cases where an application or web services wishes to allow configuration of options by an end-user, or store simple information in a directory, INI files remain the preferred approach.

INITools-5M provides an extremely simple and reliable way to access INI files from a .NET Framework assembly. As a full managed code solution, INITools-5M does not require full trust to run, and is thus ideal for use by partially trusted applications and components.

Pricing: $79/developer seat. $399 for site/source license. Royalty free distribution within an application.

About Desaware, Inc.

Conceived by best selling author Daniel Appleman in 1991, Desaware Inc. is one of the original component vendors developing third party products for Microsoft Visual Studio. In addition to the InstallationHelper-5M and INITools-5M described above, Desaware is the developer of several other award winning entries in the component marketplace including CAS/Tester (Code Access Security Tester), Desaware Licensing System, SpyWorks (Professional Edition), NT Service Toolkit for .NET, NT Service Toolkit COM edition, StateCoder, VersionStamper, StorageTools, the Event Log Toolkit, and the ActiveX Gallimaufry.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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