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Desaware Press Release

Desaware Announces The Desaware NT Service Toolkit for creating true NT Services using Visual Basic 6.0 in Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.

Campbell, CA - May, 2000 - Desaware, Inc. this month announced the new Desaware NT Service Toolkit that allows Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0® programmers to create true NT services for the first time.

Not only do services created with this toolkit have the features and flexibility of services created using C++, but they are actually easier to test and debug than traditional C++ services! You can even test and debug services while they run in the Visual Basic development environment.

The toolkit offers all of the features a professional would need to create enterprise quality services:

  • Supports latest Windows 2000 features, but remains compatible with NT 4.
  • Ability to use COM components including database and Winsock from within your service.
  • Simulator allows testing and debugging of service as a standalone executable before deployment as a service.
  • Full debug and trace support of the service within the Visual Basic IDE while it is running as a service.
  • Easy to use background thread waiting on any NT synchronization object
  • Familiar event driven architecture with built in timer support.
  • Ability to control a running service using COM or DCOM.
  • Expose COM objects on a thread pool for high scalability.
  • Support for impersonation of clients (act on behalf of clients).
  • Launch arbitrary background threads for asynchronous operations.
  • Perform asynchronous operations on client threads.
  • Create control panel applets using Visual Basic for configuring your service.

The Desaware NT Service Toolkit is priced at $499 and is available now.

Product descriptions, full featured demonstration software and technical articles are available from our web site at

Desaware Inc., founded in 1991, is a developer of tools and software components for use with Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Tools Suite and other component based software development tools.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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