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Desaware Licensing System (5 Stars)

VB.NET Forums, June 2004
by Administrator

Article Excerpt:
A few months ago, VB.NET Forums set out to test the .NET licensing systems available and we chose two to review: 1) Xheo, and 2) Desaware's Licensing System.

We initially tested Xheo but soon found that the developer (Paul) did not take well to criticism as we were simply reporting bugs in an upcoming 2.x release. ....

We then moved to Desaware's Licensing system and what a breath of fresh air this experience has been. This is simply a top notch product that we highly endorse for use for your .NET applications, Windows or Web!

The Desaware licensing system runs as a web service and is completely customizable as to what you want your licensing to bind to. There are default combinations of hardware it will bind to out of the box, however, as we did with our ASP.NET licensing scenarios, we simply added binding options to ensure it met our needs.

The installation was simple, installing the client locally and the server component (web service) to our production server. We read the PDF documentation and reviewed the extensive samples provided with the component. Now armed with the knowledge, we challenged Desaware with the ability to license an individual web application, in our case, an e-commerce store such that our component could not be used repetitively on a web server.

In understanding the system and the competence of the support staff at Desaware, we began to e-mail support and presented them our scenarios. We were immediately responded to by Franky Wong and he offered his suggestions. We then decided to call Desaware to see if we could speak of the scenarious, we were immediately put in touch with support, again Franky for immediate consultion! Impressive! We came up on one stumbling point, and we were also pressing a MUST 4/27 release of our application. Friday night we received a call from the developer, Dan Appleman hisself! We continued to code away and again sent an e-mail over the weekend and Dan not only responded to the e-mail on Sunday, but later called that day and verified our system! Once again, impressive.

The Desaware system is now in use in 35 different applications in use by us and it is solid and so simple to use. The following process outlines that of creating the integration with your .NET application....

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