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Desaware In The News

Universal Developer Components

Let's Talk Computers, February 28, 2004
Interview host Alan Ashendorf

Desaware Inc. is a provider of component based solutions to common system and programming problems. Desaware develops tools and software components for use with Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Tools Suite, .NET, COM and other component based software development tools. These developer's tools assist programmers in accomplishing a wide variety of tasks that are difficult, costly and in many cases impossible to implement using Visual Studio .NET or Visual Basic alone. President Dan Appleman announces the latest releases from Desaware. Universal .NET is a complete line of unique, innovative .NET components that solve your real-world development problems, quickly, inexpensively, and reliably. Universal COM is a complete line of COM components that are essential for both ongoing and legacy support with VB6, and offering easy migration to .NET when you're ready. Both Universal COM and Universal .NET include full source code of each tool.

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