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Desaware In The News

Microsoft .NET Secrets

IT Management, September 8, 2003
by Brian Livingston

Article Excerpt:
"Hiding within all Microsoft software, it seems, are secret features that never get into the official manuals. Whether the product is Windows or some other Microsoft offering, capabilities that offer you power and convenience somehow go undocumented for months or years.

No one knows this better than Dan Appleman, the president of Desaware Inc., a developer of coder add-on tools such as SpyWorks, StateCode, and CAS/Tester. He's found a treasure trove of hidden functionality within Microsoft's .NET Framework - the software giant's alternative to Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) - and he's happily revealing it in a series of e-books for harried programmers who are frantically churning out corporate projects."

"No mere e-book can put to rest the overarching ".NET vs. J2EE" argument facing enterprises that need something working - today! But if your company has already chosen .NET, as Appleman has, his new works can shed light on corners of the environment that you might never have discovered on your own. "

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