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Desaware In The News

Review: Desaware Licensing System

Application Development Trends Magazine, October 1, 2003
by Mike Gunderloy

Article Excerpt:
"From the developer standpoint, there are two pieces of software to set up. First is the license server, an ASP.NET application that validates keys over the Internet. An internal management interface lets you create new applications and keys. The other piece you need to set up is the License Manager, which lets you interact with the server as a developer. This will pull out the necessary crytographic information for your application and put it in a RESX file for easy inclusion. Samples in the manual show where to go from there; you can implement anything from extremely restrictive licensing (single install, must activate before you can do anything) to more relaxed schemes that include grace periods and background activation. Desaware provides controls that you can drop into your Windows forms applications to handle license entry and license validation."

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